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Solarsolar is an amazing band that is due for some recognition, big time. The band formed in 2009 but the two members, Dan Drysdale and Angela Drysdale relationship did not start there. The husband and wife duo gives us some insight as to how their relation, pre-band, had an influence on the outcome. “We met long before SolarSolar was formed. Our relationship has been a huge factor driving the band. The band would not exist without the relationship.” states Angela. Having such emotional factors driving a final product is apparent in their recordings. The duo blends hauntingly beautiful vocals with perfect complementary electronic sounds. “We can be honest with each other... It is maybe the most important part of being involved in this kind of collaboration.” Indeed wise words from Dan (synths). It is very important for all bands to give honest criticism, you need to love your work!

{Dan and Angela members of Solarsolar}
Musically however the two have been highly involved since as far back as they can remember. “I remember being pretty young and setting up 2 of my dad's stereo speakers on either side of me to listen to Bach at very high volumes.” Dan recalls one of his first musical enlightening experience. “Dan has been a musician and working in the music industry since he was a teenager.” adds Angela. She herself studied classical piano at a young age but has never been in a band before Solarsolar. “Now I am obsessed with it. I have been a passionate music listener all my life...”

Indeed the band is forming its own sound as the years come along. “Our sound has definitely grown. Our first attempts at writing music were complete experiments. The songs that we released on our EP were the results of our experiments.” The EP they are talking about is the Secrets and Orchids EP the band released October 2011. Their new LP is due out February 22nd on Binary Records and is aptly named Pilot. “We spent about a year writing the material for the LP and are very happy with the results.” Angela gives us her feelings about the new LP. This is very exciting news as the band begins to make a splash in the blogging community. Solarsolar's dream pop sound is drawn from many genres and music styles. “Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Cure, Portishead... you might notice some Brian Mcknight influence in there too.” the band describes their musical influences. We are definitely looking forward to hearing this LP!

Look for the band to start doing live shows in 2012. They are currently working on logistics to do so. “We want to create out sounds live rather than using prerecorded tracks.” Angela describes. This is exciting to hear and I am sure will be well received by all. There is nothing like seeing the live reactions of your fans as they scream their heads off as you set the stage.

As for the name Solarsolar, Angela describes the name as a verbal hiccup. “We were desperately trying to think of a name for the band and were failing miserably. One afternoon, we were driving and passed a gigantic solar panel shaped like a flower. For some unknown reason, Dan blurted out “Solar…Solar”... I told him that it would be a great name for out band. I seem to write a lot about the sun in my lyrics too.” One listen to these guys and they are bound to light up your world. Listen to the single I can't find you below and check the video! Happy Listening!

Also clarification, they are not in Toronto.

“Hibernation is good for creation.” - Angela Drysdale describing Canadian weather and music.

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